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6 Cheap Home Improvements You Can Do Yourself

Buying a house is one thing and making it a home is another. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your house to make it homey.

There are simple and cheap ways you can do to improve your home and that is what I’m going to share with you today.

Let’s have a look;

1.  Gardening and growing indoor plants

One of the best ways to improve your home without breaking the bank is by growing something.

With the cost of eating healthy in the US being on the rise each year, you should have a small garden where you can plant your fruits and vegetables.

For your home decor, you may also choose to incorporate some indoor plants.

Cultivating indoor plants and flowers is therapeutic.  It keeps your mind in check each morning to water them and nature for them.

2.  DIY furniture

If you’re looking to upgrade your home furniture without having to spend a lot of money on the latest and furniture, you can opt to create your own.

One thing I like about DIY furniture is that they are unique and speak a lot about the creator.

You can incorporate your style, design, and things you love in one piece of furniture. The online consumer base has in recent times lost faith in online furniture companies.

This can be linked to false advertisement, supply of bad quality furniture, poor customer service, and many more.

If you’re still looking to buy your furniture online, I must not leave without advising you to first read reviews before making any purchase.

To start you off I suggest you visit US-Reviews. This is a third-party website where online reviews are posted.

For instance, if you are looking to upgrade your office, you should see online home office furniture online reviews in the US.

However, if you want to design your furniture then a simple DIY will do.

3.  DIY storage space

One of the most common problems in urban areas is spaces. In addition to renting a house at a very extreme price, get yourself in a small home with limited storage spaces.

If this is you and you may want to improve your home, then you may start creating your own DIY storage spaces.

The good thing about this is that you get creative. You may start by making use of wall spaces.

You can hang a storage basket, install a few roll carts either in your kitchen or the bathroom.

You may also build an under here cabinet or storage spaces where you can put your shoes or books.

There is honestly an endless list of how you can manipulate small spaces into creating a home that can accommodate not only you but a big family.

4.  Upgrading your kitchen appliances and cooking ware.

Another way you can improve your home is by upgrading your kitchen appliances and cookware.

We all know how important our kitchen is to a home. This is the room that almost everyone in the house pays a visit to every single day.

It can also be the most expensive renovation or improvement to your home.

However, the costs should not put you off because, in the end, it shall be a good value investment if so you choose to sell the house.

You can upgrade your appliances to good quality stainless steel. The use of technology in the kitchen is also a good upgrade.

5.  Updating lighting fixtures

I love lights, don’t we all? It brightens up the spaces, it illuminates the focal points of our homes, and most importantly it is a big part of interior design.

It is cheap and something you can do yourself.

You may have a few floor lamps installed, a beautiful chandelier above your living area, or string lights in your bedroom to make it more personal.

How you choose to style your home using lighting is up to you.

6.  Updating your bathroom fixtures

Too busy to improve our homes by just updating the bathroom fixtures.

Installing a few pieces of storage areas on the vanity in your bathroom. If you may install a double sink and some floating shelves.

You can DIY a medicine cabinet, towel bar, and even install a shower door.

There are so many ways to update your bathroom fixtures.