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Installation of a new roof from Advance Roofing

It’s time to install a new roof

Many homeowners are very afraid of the moment when they need to put a new roof. This process seems very expensive, long and fraught with a lot of problems. In this article, we will dispel all the myths associated with installing a roof and answer popular questions.

Is roof installation really expensive

Installing a new roof can be costly, but there are two things to keep in mind. The first is that part, and sometimes the entire cost, of a roof replacement can be covered by insurance. It all depends on the reason why you decided to change the roof. You should also remember that sometimes a complete roof replacement in the long run is cheaper than permanent repairs.

Does it take a long time to install a roof

The question of speed depends on the complexity of the work. Standard roofs can be installed in one day, more complex and larger options may take several days. The speed of work also depends on the skill of the contractor. Contractors from Advance Roofing always try to do their job as quickly as possible, but efficiently.

What problems can arise during installation of a new roof

If you turn to us – contractors from Advance Roofing for help, you can not worry about anything. Your task is to call us to inspect the roof and pay for the work after the roof is completed. Our professional contractors will inspect, designate a work plan, order all the necessary materials and, if necessary, remove construction debris from the site.

Is it possible to make a roof according to my exterior design

When choosing the color and type of roof, the customer’s voice is decisive. You can choose a metal or tile roof, as well as a color, depending on your preference.

In what weather can roof repairs be done

You can change the roof at any time of the year. However, the installation must be carried out when there is no rain and snow. We provide advice on choosing the optimal installation time.

Entrust your roof to Advance Roofing contractors

The people of Spokane have trusted us with their roof installation and roof repair for many years. We also do roof and gutter cleaning, window installation and flat concrete work. We are experts in our field and are ready to help you solve even complex issues.