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Siding installation in Pittsburgh

How to install new siding in Pittsburgh

If you are a homeowner, one day you may want to update the exterior of your home. In this article, we decided to talk about how to find a good siding installer if you live in Pittsburgh, how the siding installation goes and how much it costs.

What company in Pittsburgh Can Install New Siding

If you study reviews of all contractors in the city of Pittsburgh, you will see that M&Y Pittsburgh Roofing has one of the best ratings. This is a family owned roof repair company renowned for its quality work, responsible attitude and the best customer service. For more than ten years, our specialists have been improving their work skills and learning new things. We do siding installation, as well as the roof replacement.

We work with the best siding suppliers because we want the very best for our clients. WE install CertainTeed Vinyl Siding, Alside Siding, James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding, and more!

In order to receive the service, you just need to call our operator. After that, you will submit an application for a home inspection, where a specialist will be able to assess what work contractors have to do. For a consultation call our phone number:(412) 218-7082.

How long does it take to do the siding installation 

Installing siding is a complex job that takes time. Typically, installing siding on the average Pittsburgh home takes four to five days. It all depends on the size of the house. Our team tries to do all the work as quickly and efficiently as possible, so we do not waste time and do it on the days chosen in advance.

How much does a new siding cost in Pittsburgh

As with time, the price of installing new siding depends on the size of your home. The larger the house, the higher the price will be. Pricing will also be affected by the complexity of the work and, of course, the materials you choose for finishing. We offer our customers several types of siding, so they can choose the most comfortable option for the price.

Several reasons to replace the siding in the house

There are several reasons to order siding installation in Pittsburgh:

  • The rooms have become damp, the interior decoration of the house has deteriorated, there is a smell of mold in the house. Unfortunately, over time, water can get under the siding. It leads to mold and rot. If this happens, this is an occasion to urgently change the siding and insulation.

  • Insects have settled in the siding. Such a neighborhood can pose a threat to your health, and besides, insects damage the insulation under the siding.

  • The siding has cracks, warps and gaps. Unfortunately, there are problems that cannot be repaired, such as those caused by a hurricane or frost.

  • The average temperature in the house has dropped. This suggests that the siding and facade decoration do not fulfill their functions and need to be changed. So you save on heating and you will feel comfortable.

If you find such problems, be sure to contact the contractors. They will inspect the house and advise how to proceed in this situation further.