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What you should know about transporting your big appliances to your home

If you are moving homes, the process could be tasking and worrisome as you have to do some heavy lifting and this could be very physical and strenuous, with the only alternative being to hire experienced professionals to do what is required.

One of the first pieces you may want to move would be huge objects such as beds, wardrobes, desks, closets, couches and cupboards, but don’t be surprised that these may not be the only heavyweights you may have to move.

Moving large household appliances to a new residence or location is never an easy experience. If you don’t move these huge appliances carefully and safely, you could run the risk of damaging them or inflicting injury on yourself. We suggest you consider visiting reviews platforms such as to get more tips on moving your big appliances.

Tips on moving household appliances to a new home

The below are some of the tips on how to carefully move your household appliances to your new home. You may also have to read car rental reviews  to enable you ascertain which car rental company to use their services.

Should you be moving your major appliances?

Before you go ahead to pack and move your large and heavy household items, you may have to decide whether it’s a good idea to take them with you in the first place. Consider if they are brand new, or have they been recently purchased, or if the purchase agreement of your current home does or does not require you to leave some or even all the appliances behind.

You may not consider moving your household appliances if they are old, outdated or even have technical issues and therefore not worth the relocation costs. Your new home might even be outfitted with newer and better-looking appliances. Your kitchen has a layout and designs that might not properly suit your current appliances.

Get proper equipment for moving appliances safely

There are some moving equipment you cannot do without when you consider moving your home appliances. An appliance dolly is one: this is a wheeled helper that helps with moving your household appliances from inside the home to the vehicle that would be conveying them.

Furniture blankets are known as moving blankets, and these provide you with the type of protection you need for your valuable home appliances. Sliders, also known as gliders, these gliding pads offer probably one of the best ways of moving appliances on a wood floor, without any damage and usually over a short distance.

Proper property protection

The last thing you want is to run into damages while moving your heavy kitchen appliances out of your old home into your new residence. The main danger would be for the hardwood, tile or carpet floors, which implies you have to take adequate measure to ensure you safely protect these floor solutions. One way to go about this is by using cardboard to cover the exit paths of your major home appliances while laying sheets of durable polyethene on high traffic areas.

Adhering to the following tips would surely help in minimizing accidents and mishaps that happen when moving from an old house to a new residence.