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7 Causes of Electricity Short in a Home

An electrical short circuit or also commonly referred to as an electrical short circuit is a very small electrical resistance connection so that it can result in a very large flow of electricity. If this is not done as quickly as possible, it is likely to cause an explosion and fire. In this case, the conductor or voltage cable will be connected directly to the neutral conductor.

The electricity that can occur can trigger a fire and other dangerous problems. For that, short-circuit electricity needs to be overcome as soon as possible by correcting short-circuit electricity that is good and right. The most common cause that can trigger a short circuit is an electric cable that peels off as a result of several voltage channels that will stick to the neutral channel. In addition, there are several common causes that can trigger an electrical short circuit. To overcome the electrical short circuit in your home, you can call Colorado Springs Electricians to repair and install electricity in your home properly.

The following are some of the causes of an electrical short circuit that you must know, namely:

Insulator or leather wrapping cable installation is peeled off

The first cause that can trigger a short circuit is the installation of cables without the knowledge of being bitten by animals such as rats and so on. You should not underestimate this, especially if the cable is attached to the ceiling and not provided with security such as conduit pipes during installation. When the cable is peeled off, the copper core will be exposed and very vulnerable to colliding, which will cause a short circuit.

Do not use cables that are suitable for the electrical load

You need to note that the cable is an important component in the process of installing an electrical installation. Therefore, the cable installed must be in accordance with the standard load that flows on the cable. If the cable does not meet the standards, then over time the cable will heat up and the skin will melt by the heat. This is because the electrical load flowing on the cable is greater than the cable core or the cable core conductor capacity.

The socket section has water in it

If your home often experiences leaks or floods, this should be noted. Because this can cause a short circuit. Accidental water on the wall socket or cable will trigger a short circuit until the electrical short circuit. Shortening the socket may be easy to repair. However, it is different if the water that is exposed is actually an installation that is above the ceiling.

The work becomes more complicated because of the many components involved. You also can’t fix right away if you don’t really know. Therefore, if this has already happened you need to contact experts. If your house experiences leak and floods, this must be addressed as soon as possible so that the electrical short circuit does not recur.

The electric light went out

Short-circuited electricity can also be caused by broken electric lights or molten tin. This can also trigger a short circuit which is the cause of electrical short-circuit. This incident usually occurs in the type of incandescent lamps placed on the home page. This lamp was deliberately not turned off because it functions as lighting at night. But this is precisely what can be the cause.

Continuous use

The human need for electronic equipment is undeniable. Because electronic devices can help facilitate a variety of activities and needs. But sometimes we like to forget to rest the electronics so the machine doesn’t work continuously. Addicted to electronic devices trigger it to continue to work and be active without a break. This continuous use can be one of the causes of electrical short-circuit. Therefore, you also need to limit the use of electronics at home.

Non-standard cable connection

Short electrical events can also be caused by cable connections that do not follow standards or rules. This violation may be considered small and trivial but can be fatal.

MCB condition is weak

MCB acts as a safety as well as a circuit breaker and connecting electricity. If the condition of the MCB is already weak, then its strength will decrease. This can cause frequent trips down.