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Choosing the Right Wine Storage for Your Home

Whether you have lived in your home for years or are busy refurbishing or building a new space, choosing the proper wine storage will help you better preserve and enjoy your wine collection and enhance the space. While wine storing may not be something that you typically think about or display in your home, how you store your wine can become a feature. Consider a smart fridge for wine or a home cellar, for example.

What is the best wine storage for your home?

There are so many ways to store wine within your home that the options can sometimes be overwhelming. The right choice will differ depending on the climate and weather surrounding you, the amount of space in your home, and the type of wine you drink.

Home cellar

If you have a basement, you are in luck; this makes for an excellent DIY at-home wine cellar if you get the environment just right. A combination of elements will need to be carefully controlled, for example, light, temperature, humidity and an adequate hermetic seal. Damp can sometimes be an issue in subterranean environments like a basement, and an air conditioning system should be installed. Once the initial setup is complete, the fun is kitting out the space with beautifully crafted wine racks and finishing touches that reflect your taste and style.

Wine fridge

Arguably the most suitable wine storage solution, wine fridges control the conditions necessary to maintain the complexity and balance of wines and ensure longevity. Wine fridges may come at a higher price tag but can be considered an investment in the long run. Typical household fridges are far too cold and dry to keep wines at their best for long-term storage but are great for keeping an open bottle of white wine crisp for a few days.

Wine rack

Most homes typically include at least a small wine rack for storing and displaying bottles of vino. These nooks are usually a great source of pride, and seeing the bottles stacked together makes for great conversation. Consider for a moment, though, that while displaying your wine collection on a wine rack in your kitchen or living area makes for a beautiful feature, conversely, it may lead to the degradation of your wines if the conditions are not carefully monitored. Average room temperatures generally exceed those of the perfect wine storage environment and aren’t ideal for long-term retention.

What is the best way to store wine without a cellar?

There are many ways to store wine, from simple displays to the complex construction of an at-home cellar; however, the type of wine you would like to keep, combined with the length of time you will store it, may determine the best method for you. Assuming you don’t have the space or want to invest in a home cellar, the next option is a wine fridge. Take the guesswork out of controlling the balance of conditions needed to store wine in the short or long term and simply enjoy the ability to take a bottle out of your wine fridge and enjoy it at the perfect serving temperature, as desired. If you intend to drink your wine straight away, stacking a few bottles on your wine rack is fine too; just remember to recork your white and rosé wines and place them in the refrigerator at least until you are ready to finish off the opened bottle.