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The Right Steps to Clean the Carpet

The right steps to clean the carpet above will certainly make it easier for you to clean your own carpet. However, if you have difficulty cleaning your carpet, you can clean your carpet by hiring the stain removal Zionsville professionally so that your carpet is not damaged because the carpet requires special care.


The next step is to start cleaning the stain using soap that has passed the trial process. Like when you do a trial, make a solution of water with cleansing soap, but this time in more quantities, which is about enough to clean your carpet. Apply the solution to the entire surface of the carpet. On the affected part, you can give a little more soap so that the stain is completely removed. Or if you’re in doubt, you can focus on cleaning the tarnished part separately.

First, clean the carpet thoroughly first. If so, then you can do special cleaning on the affected part of the stain. Clean the soap with water, then see if the stain has been lifted. If not, repeat this by applying soap, rubbing it gently, and rinse with water. This cleaning should be done gradually, compared if you immediately pour a lot of cleaning fluid on the stain.


Your carpet is a type of carpet that has frills in the sides? Having a carpet with a model like this certainly requires special attention when the cleaning process. Do not let this beautiful part become damaged due to improper cleaning process. The trick is to make sure there are no twisted or tangled tufts. If there is, run it slowly with your hands and not force it so it doesn’t get tangled.

Next, you can brighten up the color of the tufts or pick up the dirt on the tufts by using a non-hard cleaning liquid. Dip a tassel in a bowl that has been filled with cleaning fluid mixed with water and allow the dirt to decay. If the solution in the bowl is dirty, replace it with a new one. After cleaning with cleaning fluid, you must dry it properly. Squeeze slowly, and let stand by wind or can also be dried with a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. Don’t let wet tufts touch the floor or dirty parts because dirt will easily stick to the damp surface. Once dry, decipher the tufts by hand to ensure the strands do not fuse after washing.


Sweeping and vacuuming the carpet using a vacuum cleaner is the simplest way to clean the carpet. However, if your carpet is stained with food or drink spills, then you need deep cleaning. Not only that, but deep cleaning also needs to be done routinely even though there are no stains on your carpet. It is intended to thoroughly clean the carpet and prevent it from becoming a den of germs.

For the deep cleansing process, cleansing soap is needed. You can buy carpet cleaning soap at the store or mix it yourself using laundry soap that is not hard. But you cannot carelessly use cleansing soap. You have to do a trial first to make sure the soap does not damage the material of your carpet. The trick is to make a solution of cleaning soap mixed with water, then use it on a small part of your carpet and see if it makes the color of the carpet fade or damage the texture of the carpet or cause other damage. If not, then you can use the soap to clean the entire surface of the carpet.